Tied to the dock

It is almost two months to the day that I dropped off my expired Cuban passport and renewal application with a recommended travel agency specializing in Cuba trips and issues.

And NO passport yet in my hands!

After the first weeks of wide media coverage and public interest in the reestablishment of U.S. Cuba relations and the reopening of embassies in each other’s countries, we have now come to a holding pattern in both coverage and interest. The immediate public frenzy about unrestricted travel to the island is now tempered with the reality that nothing much has changed for the average citizen. U.S. born American citizens continue to have the opportunity to travel through a People to People licensed operator, but hopes that a citizen could simply go on line and purchase a ticket from a U.S. city to one in Cuba have been dashed. That possibility is still in the distant future.

And, if you are as I am, a Cuban born American citizen, you still need two valid passports
to make that trip: your U.S. passport to leave and re-enter the United States and your Cuban
passport to enter and depart Cuba.

Oh well. Waiting has never been a forte of mine, so maybe the universe is teaching me alesson as I await my Cuban passport to appear.