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I am excited to share with you my life as an author.
At its core, writing is a particularly intimate process which reflects the writer’s evolution through not only honing skills but also learning from life experiences, and I want to bring you into my world of writing today.
Although I will continue to explore and write about topics my readers enjoy relative to my Cuban roots and my recent research in modern Cuba, I hope you will also find interest in my other writings.  These include educational pieces that inform on a variety of issues as well as essays, poems, and stories that focus on lessons that can be learned from the wisdom that surrounds us or that simply make us smile.
Turn the pages with me in my creative process.
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Mango Rain

Mango Rain is a flawlessly told story of intrigue, love, separation and hope.  It is a family story.  Dr. Arias’ descriptions of the tropical island are delicious. You will savor the flavor of the Cuba so few people know. Her personal history and knowledge gives her a unique perspective into the minds, hearts, fears and aspirations of a people living in a closed society contrasted with Cubans living the American dream.

Lluvia de Mango

La Dra. Berta Isabel Arias emigró de La Habana, Cuba en 1957 y ha vivido casi toda su vida en Chicago. Ha escrito cuentos y poesía desde muy joven; Lluvia de Mango es su primera novela. La Dra. Arias es profesora emérito en diferentes idiomas y gracias a un viaje académico que realizara con estudiantes universitarios en 2004 a Cuba, con licencia del gobierno de los EE.UU., se inspiró para escribir Lluvia de Mango.

Capsulas Informativas Constitucionales

Constitutional scholar David J. Shestokas and author Dr. Berta Isabel Arias have released Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales. This publication affords America’s Spanish speaking population an unprecedented opportunity to understand their freedoms, combining translations of America’s founding documents with an engaging discussion of historical context and contemporary application.