Mango Rain


Mango Rain is a flawlessly told story of intrigue, love, separation and hope.  It is a family story.  Dr. Arias’ descriptions of the tropical island are delicious. You will savor the flavor of the Cuba so few people know. Her personal history and knowledge gives her a unique perspective into the minds, hearts, fears and aspirations of a people living in a closed society contrasted with Cubans living the American dream.


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Dr. Arias provides brilliant insight into the ethos of Cubans and Cuban Americans, told with honesty and authenticity.  Initially told through the eyes of Anaís, a successful Cuban-American businesswoman adopted by a non-Latino family. Now 38 years old, Anaís is selected to join a diplomatic trade mission to the country of her birth.  Her diplomatic journey from Chicago to Havana, entwined with her curiosity about who she really is, and her love of beauty, nature and people, lead her on an adventure of surprising self-discovery and danger.

"Mango Rain is a great story that, while a novel, has important lessons about the differences between the United States and repressive regimes like Cuba... A beautiful story with a deep message."  --from Goodreads

"This is a great story that gives insight to the cultural and political differences between Cuba and the United States, and how political situations in countries can rip families apart. The story is touching but more importantly it tells of the problems that separate the Cuban people from the American people without making overt political statements. Wonderful tale with a wonderful message."      -- from

"There is more than one Cuba. There is one for members of the ruling class, tourists, diplomats and other foreign visitors. There is different Cuba for those required to live only with the national currency and without access to stores selling goods for American dollars. The novel, Mango Rain, provides a view into that life and how different it is for those who by quirks of fate have escaped the prison that is the island nation of Cuba and those who remained behind. Despite Cuba’s geography as only ninety miles off the coast of Florida, life there is shrouded in mystery for most Americans...In Mango Rain, ...Dr. Arias tells a terrific story and provides an education at the same time. A rare combination in a book that is both fascinating and fun." --from Suite 101

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